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Soma Peries
Second Lieutenant Soma Peries
in the fading of the constellations, I am growing strong
name: Soma Peries
real name: Maria Medvedeva
series: Mobile Suit Gundam 00
age: 19
hair color: white
eye color: gold
height: 156 cm (approx. 5'1")
room: F9
roommate: Leanne
main language: Russian
secondary languages: Mandarin, English
room number: n/a
status: normal
Landel's starter pack.
One photograph (Soma with a smiling Sergei, Holly, and Andrei Smirnov).
One double-ended spear.
One handgun (24 rounds).
One teleport ring (not reset yet).
One katana (formerly belonged to Falis).
One red hair ribbon (formerly belonged to Senna).
clothing: Landel's standard issue.
Hair is braided and tied off at the end with Senna's ribbon during NS.

note: I am not actually Soma Peries, nor do I own her. This is a character journal created for damned. The mun can be found at bubonicwoodchuk.
//additional info//
personality: Slightly cold and carefully polite outside of combat. Has little grasp of social norms. Extremely curious and a little bit naïve underneath. Tends to act without thinking. Happiest in a battle. Never looks back.
special abilities: Above-average speed, strength, endurance, and reflexes, especially for someone of her size. Trained extensively in the use of firearms. Capable of predicting an opponent's moves in a fight. Confirmed empath.
bio: here.
patient file: here.
timeline: Taken from the end of Season 1, a few months into the four-year timeskip.
effects of m-u: Soma now experiences Marie as a voice inside her head, similar to how Allelujah normally experiences Hallelujah. Marie is not capable of taking control without Soma's permission. With Marie comes a slight boost to Soma's quantum brain waves (though still not nearly as strong as they are normally).

pyramid head. aquila. telepaths. angel. zexion. kakashi. ryuk. nigredo.
credits: exitclosed

Social capital

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